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9/15 – 6:30 pm – Immigrant Rights Picketing at Governor Candidates Debate

Don’t let the gubernatorial candidates ignore immigrants rights! Let them know we want legalization for all and an end to deportations that separate families. Demand to know where the candidates stand on immigrants rights issues in Minnesota — the SB1070 copycat bill (HF3830), drivers licenses for all, and collaboration between ICE and local police. Join MIRAc and others to have a visible immigrant rights presence at the governor’s candidates debate between Dayton (DFL), Emmer (GOP) and Horner (I). The debate is at Pantages Theater (710 Hennepin Ave., downtown Mpls) on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Meet outside by 6:30 p.m. for picketing.

9/18 – 1:00 pm – BAM! campaign meeting

Join us Saturday, Sep 18 at 1:00 pm at El Colegio (42nd & Bloomington S, Mpls) for the Boycott Arizona-MN (BAM!) campaign meeting. Info: 651-389-9174 | http://bamcampaign.wordpress.com


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(En Español:  https://mirac1.wordpress.com/2010/09/09/mirac-condena-la-masacre-de-migrantes-en-territorio-mexicano)

We condemn this massacre of immigrants in Mexican territory

Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, condemns the recent deaths of the immigrant brothers and sisters that were murdered in Tamaulipas. They were murdered simply because they were undocumented immigrants. Our organization makes a call to all social organizations, we invite them to show their disagreement with the Mexican authorities through letters. It is clearer everyday that there is a lot of corruption and impunity in Mexico. They just follow the example of the United States to be more strict with undocumented immigrants as a way to prevent our brothers and sisters to get to their final destination, which is the United States.

This recent event is a clear example that as migrants around the world, we are being mistreated and our rights are being ignored. There is a need for an unconditional legalization here in the United States, as well as a revision of the interventionist politics of the United States in Latin America which is the fundamental cause of the migration to the north. It is Mexico’s obligation to protect the human rights of those migrants that come from Central and South America with the intention of making it to the United States through Mexican territory.

The only thing this migrants were looking for was to make it to the United States in join the 12 million undocumented people that work hard everyday in this country. 72 migrants from Central and South America were killed in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico apparently by an armed group called “Zetas”. The official versions said that among the victims there are Hondurans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Ecuadorians and a Brazilian. The authorities also said that a lot of these bodies won’t be identified. However, we all know that these persons were Latinos, from our same blood, same culture, same flesh and same dream of looking a more dignified life.

So want to express the following:

  1. It is proven that Mexico is not capable of respecting and protecting the human rights of Central and South Americans who try to make it to the United States.
  2. It is proven that the majority of migrants that cross Mexican territory are mistreated, always victims of the disorder that we are living in Mexico. It is important to emphasize that a lot of these migrant brothers don’t even make it through Mexican territory because they end up dead .
  3. Like in all massacres there has to be a culprit. We blame “president” Felipe Calderon (FECAL) because it is proven that his so-called fight against drug trafficking is a failure and everyday common people have to face this wave of violence produced by the war declared by Felipe Calderon. This doesn’t eliminate our wish that the main authors of this awful crime be captured.
  4. Every person that goes through Mexican territory trying to get to the United States should have at least basic rights as human being, especially in these moments of high levels of violence.
  5. It is known that legalization won’t be enough to solve the problem of the deaths at the Mexico-U.S border but we believe that it is necessary.
  6. Priority has to be given to people and not to merchandise to move freely from one country to another to work with dignity.

They will be in our memory, in the memory of the murderers, in the memory of those corrupt Mexican politicians. They will also remain in the memory of every racist person, those who always oppose the idea of immigrants obtaining the right to work and move freely from one place to another.

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