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20190719 Elbit divest flyer v2

  • Currently Minnesota’s State Board of Investments (SBI) holds 10,951 shares in Elbit Systems worth $1,256.650.00
  • Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer. They are currently under contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to build a 53-tower “Integrated Fixed Towers” security project.  Most have already been built.
  • Elbit is the 27th largest arms-producing company in the world. Weapon sales are 95% of its business.
  • Elbit’s weaponized drones have been involved in all of Israel’s major offenses on Gaza.
  • Continuing to invest in Elbit Systems results in a system that prioritizes militarization of the US-Mexico border and the resulting death of migrants trying to cross the border.
  • Continuing to invest in Elbit Systems results in a system that prioritizes militarization of the US-Mexico border and the resulting death of migrants trying to cross the border.
  • Border militarization includes armed border patrol agents, drones, surveillance towers, thousands of miles of fences and walls with fewer and fewer authorized checkpoints.
  • Border militarization causes hardship and death to families who are fleeing violence and famine in their home countries.
  • The costs of border militarization have skyrocketed in recent years. Companies around the world which form the massive military-industrial complex profit. Elbit is one such company. A fictional crisis created by racist fear mongering is being used to give taxpayer money to corporate interests. Over the past 15 years they’ve spent over $4 million dollars on lobbying.


Sign the petition demanding the MN State Board of Investments DIVEST from Elbit Systems.

Contact the members of the MN State Board of Investments to request that they support divestment decision at their August 22nd meeting:

Governor Tim Walz, Chair—651-201-3400
State Auditor Julie Blaha—(651) 296-2551
Attorney General Keith Ellison—(651) 296-3353
Secretary of State Steve Simon—secretary.state@state.mn.us

Attend the Thursday, August 22nd meeting of the Board, at 10:00 a.m. in G23 Senate
Committee Room, State Capitol, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.St. Paul, MN 55155

Circulate the petition in your neighborhood, church or other community group and send back to MIRAC, 4200 Cedar Ave., Mpls.

Download PDF of flyer here


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Rep. Ilhan Omar has written a letter to demand an end to the expansion of ICE detention facilities in Minnesota. READ LETTER BELOW.
CONTACT your representative before July 12th and demand they sign on to Ilhan’s letter!
ICE detention centers are cesspools of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, religious and cultural discrimination and even death!
NOT one more tax dollar can go to this system of oppression!
CALL and TWEET and say something like: “Hi, my name is ______ and I live in your district. I oppose expanding ICE detention facilities in Minnesota. I am asking you to sign on to Representative Ilhan Omar’s letter to ICE Acting Director Mark Morgan opposing the expansion of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities in Minnesota. Will you do that?”

Minnesota Congressional Delegation

Both senators represent all Minnesotans so please contact both of them:
Senator Tina Smith
(202) 224-5641 | Twitter @SenTinaSmith | Web contact form
Senator Amy Klobuchar

(202) 224-3244 | Twitter @AmyKlobuchar | Web contact form

U.S. House of Representatives

If you don’t know which representative is yours, enter your address here and it will tell you.
Rep. Jim Hagedorn (First District)
(202) 225-2472 | Twitter @rephagedorn | Web contact form
Rep. Angie Craig (Second District)
(202) 225-2271 | Twitter @RepAngieCraig | Web contact form
Rep. Dean Phillips (Third District)
(202) 225-2871 | Twitter @RepDeanPhillips | Web contact form
Rep. Betty McCollum (Fourth District)
(202) 225-6631 | Twitter @BettyMcCollom04 | Web contact form
Rep. Ilhan Omar (Fifth District)
(thank her for taking initiative in opposing ICE expansion!)
(202) 225-4755 | Twitter @IlhanMN | Web contact form
Rep. Tom Emmer (Sixth District)
(202) 225-2331 | Twitter @RepTomEmmer | Web contact form
Rep. Collin C. Peterson (Seventh District)
(202) 225-2165 | Twitter @collinpeterson | Web contact form
Rep. Pete Stauber (Eighth District)
(202) 225-6211 | Twitter @RepPeteStauber | Web contact form

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Letter to ICE’s Acting Director Mark Morgan

The Honorable Mark Morgan
Acting Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
500 12th Street Southwest, Mail Stop 5003
Washington, DC 20536-5003

Dear Acting Director Morgan:

We write to oppose the expansion of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities in Minnesota. We do not believe that Minnesota needs more detention beds, rather policies should be shifted to focus on more humane community-based options. We strongly urge you to abandon the effort to increase detention in our state.

The Sherburne County Jail has contracted with the U.S. government to house immigration detainees and other federal inmates for several years. Earlier this month, Minnesota Public Radio reported[1] that the jail has proposed nearly doubling its capacity for detention from 300 beds to 500 beds. Sherburne County’s proposal is especially concerning due to the number of complaints our offices have received about treatment while in detention at Sherburne County. Our constituents have reported poor medical care, lack of access to medicine, and limited opportunities for mental engagement. Additionally, we have received reports that Sherburne County has taken discriminatory action against some of the detained by selectively denying religious and cultural programming.

The Prairie Correctional Facility, a private prison in Appleton, Minnesota, run by CoreCivic, Inc. has also reportedly proposed using their facility for ICE detention. Since 2010, the State of Minnesota has declined to use this facility in preference for publicly-owned and operated facilities, and we urge ICE to follow our state’s lead. CoreCivic has been the subject of multiple investigations, and media have reported egregious misconduct in their facilities, including sexual assault[2], negligence, poor medical care, and even death[3]. Such companies have no business running a detention facility.

Instead of expanding expensive, inhumane detention, we urge you to adopt community-based alternatives to detention. Many of these practices have been employed by ICE with great success, consistently showing they are effective while costing exponentially less – a fact that’s been confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security.[4]But even those numbers speak only to the cost to taxpayers– they don’t include the immeasurable costs being paid every day by the detained, their families and their communities. The policy of extended detention for all individuals, regardless of flight risk or history of violent behavior, tears families apart without providing any benefit to our communities.

Lastly, funding for additional beds raises issues in ongoing Congressional appropriations debates. Rather than investing resources to expand capacity while those very resources are in limbo, we urge you to act responsibly with taxpayer dollars and invest in proven programs that respect both individual rights and government resources.

We stand with our constituents, who overwhelmingly oppose the Administration’s efforts to expand detention. We urge you to reverse course on your expansion in Minnesota.



[1] https://www.mprnews.org/story/2019/06/04/sherburne-county-proposes-expanding-jail-for-more-ice-detainees

[2] https://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2017-12-01/allegations-mount-at-t-don-hutto/

[3] https://www.hrw.org/report/2018/06/20/code-red/fatal-consequences-dangerously-substandard-medical-care-immigration

[4] https://www.womensrefugeecommission.org/images/zdocs/The-Real-Alternatives-to-Detention-FINAL-06-27-17.pdf


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municipal id for all


Your help is needed. Please call your Minneapolis City Council member today! As the Minneapolis City Council debates and moves forward with Municipal ID (an important part of the Sanctuary Platform), your voice needs to be heard. It is urgent that you call your council member this week (April 23 – 27).

You can use the script below if you wish.

Ward | Council Member | Phone
1 Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201
2 Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202
3 Steve Fletcher (612) 673-2203
4 Phillipe Cunningham (612) 673-2204
5 Jeremiah Ellison (612) 673-2205
6 Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206
7 Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207
8 Andrea Jenkins (612) 673-2208
9 Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209
10 Lisa Bender (612) 673-2210
11 Jeremy Scroeder (612) 673-2211
12 Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212
13 Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213

To find which ward you live in, go to this web address: http://apps.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/AddressPortalApp/Search?AppID=WardFinderApp


Dear Council Member ______________,

I’m a constituent and the issue of Municipal ID is very important to me. Access to a Municipal ID allows immigrant, homeless, and other marginalized populations more equitable participation in society.

I support a Municipal ID program that guarantees the following:

  • CONTROL: A public ID that is of the city and directed by the city–not privatized, which would cause privacy concerns.
  • PRIORITY: A Municipal ID is urgent and we want a passing vote before June 2018.
  • ACCESS: The city needs to come to our communities and speak our languages.
  • SECURITY: The city must be responsible for destroying all data after 6 months.
  • RECIPROCITY: We want agreements with other cities to recognize our Municipal ID. However, we should not wait for reciprocity to pass Municipal ID.
  • CONFIDENCE: The Municipal ID must be a plastic card with a loadable magnetic strip, not a technological device
  • FUNDING: Municipal ID program must be funded at a minimum rate of $100,000 per year

    “Will you vote to support the creation and implementation of a Minneapolis Municipal ID program – yes or no?”

    Note: We need to keep track of yes’es and no’s. If the councilperson says anything like “it depends.” then the follow up question should be, “What specifically does your vote depend on?” We then need to capture those responses verbatim as much as possible so we can follow up on getting their concerns quickly answered.

    With your strong support and attention to the above aspects of Municipal ID, Minneapolis can be a leader in supporting our immigrant communities. Thank you!

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2018 may 1 square graphic bw BILINGUAL START AND END v5

may day 2018 flier-english-v2

(Español abajo)

Minneapolis International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights

3:30 PM
Lake Street & Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Facebook event

Join us in the streets for this year’s International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights.

* No attacks on immigrants, refugees & Muslims
* No more deportations
* Legalization for all
* Clean DREAM Act Now
* Restore Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Salvadorans & Haitians
* Adopt the Sanctuary Platform
* Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State
* Expand union rights in Minnesota
* Stop all ‘right to work’ (for less) attacks
* Living wage for all
* Medicare for all
* End to police brutality! Community control of the police!
* Climate justice
* Peace


may day 2018 flier - spanish -v2

Marcha en Minneapolis por el día internacional de lxs trabajadores para los derechos de lxs inmigrantes y trabajadores

3:30 PM
Calle Lake y Avenida Nicollet, Minneapolis

Evento en facebook

Aparta la fecha para salir a la calle para la marcha este año por los derechos de los inmigrantes y lxs trabajadores en el Día Internacional de lxs Trabajadores.

* No a los ataques contra los inmigrantes, refugiados y musulmanes
* No más deportaciones
* Legalización para todos
* Restauración del TPS para Salvadoreños y Haitianos
* Que adopten la Plataforma de Santuario
* Que Minnesota sea un Estado Santuario
* Expansión de los derechos sindicales en Minnesota
* Alto alos ataques con leyes de ‘derecho a trabajar’ (por menos)
* Salario justo para todos
* Medicare para todxs
* Fin a la brutalidad policiaca; Control comunitario sobre la policía
* Justicia climática
* Paz


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platform-signs-rgb-11On February 6, 2018 Minnesotans will participate in precinct caucuses.

Aside from picking a political party’s candidates for upcoming elections, at caucuses you can bring resolutions about political topics that will be discussed and voted on. This is one way you can raise awareness about important issues with your neighbors, and make a political statement together.

This year MIRAC encourages people who attend a precinct caucus (for whatever political party) to bring copies of our resolution: Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State.

2018 Caucus Sanctuary ResolutionMIRAC doesn’t endorse political parties or candidates. But we think bringing a resolution to your party of preference to Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State can be a good way to raise awareness and support for defending our immigrant neighbors. We also hope to encourage more people to support the Sanctuary Platform campaign in Minneapolis and to spread the spirit of that to other cities and statewide.

Click here to view and print copies of our resolution (pdf).

Instructions for bringing the resolution to your precinct caucus

  1. Caucuses are February 6 at 7:00 p.m. Find out where your precinct caucus is here.
  2. Before you go, make up to 50 copies of the resolution.
  3. Show up a few minutes early and let the person in charge know that you have a resolution you would like on the agenda. Give them a copy of the resolution.
  4. When your resolution comes up on the agenda, hand out copies of the agenda to everyone and be prepared to say a few words about why you think it’s important for people to support it.
  5. If any of your neighbors express interest in learning more about or getting involved in the Sanctuary Platform campaign, get their name and contact info to follow up and invite them to get involved!
  6. Contact us at MIRACMN@gmail.com or on our facebook page after your caucus is over to let us know your precinct number, if the resolution passed there, and how it went. Was there interesting discussion? Did anyone propose amendments, and if so what were they? Did you meet people who are interested in getting involved in the campaign for Sanctuary Now? We want to publicize all the precincts that passed the resolution to show that there is broad support for making Minnesota a sanctuary state.

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A call to action and statement by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC)

CALL TO ACTION:  Between now and February 8, we urge you to contact Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith to demand that they stand firm and refuse to vote for a budget unless and until Congress and the President pass a clean Dream Act.

Contact them to say: “Senator, I want you to use your leverage by refusing to vote for a budget until there is a CLEAN Dream Act that provides permanent protection for immigrant youth without being linked to the border wall or other attacks on immigrants.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar
Washington office: 202-224-3244
Metro Office: 612-727-5220
Email: https://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-amy

Senator Tina Smith
Washington office: 202-224-5641

Analysis and background


Last September, President Trump cruelly announced the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a temporary status won through struggle that shielded around 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and allowed them to get work permits and drivers licenses. Without DACA, they will all be subject to deportation.

A mass movement of immigrant youth and their communities and friends have responded to this threat by meeting with and pressuring politicians, and organizing vigils, marches, and sit-ins. The movement is demanding that Congress pass a Clean Dream Act to give immigrant youth permanent protection. The “clean” part means that it should not be bundled in with measures that would oppress other immigrants – a clean fix for DACA youth should be passed on its own.

Trump, whose racist and anti-immigrant politics have been crystal clear from the day he launched his presidential campaign with vicious attacks on Mexican immigrants, set an arbitrary March 5 deadline for Congress to act to legislate protection for DACA. He said if Congress sent him a bill he would sign it. Trump has not suddenly had a change of heart and decided he likes immigrant youth. What he’s doing is engaging in the most cynical gambit possible. He is holding 800,000 immigrant youth hostage, and demanding as ransom that the Democrats give in to the entire immigration wish list of the most extreme white supremacists. In exchange for protection for DACA youth, he is demanding that Congress pass his obscene border wall and dramatic increase of militarization of the border, end the decades-long policy of family-based migration (what the racists call ‘chain-migration’), and end the diversity visa lottery, which is responsible for more than half of the migration from Africa.

The effect of these policies would be nothing less than wide scale ethnic cleansing targeting Mexican and Central American people most directly, but also hitting hard against people from all of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Since the Republicans have the presidency and a majority in the House and Senate, if they were united as a party they should be able to pass all the anti-immigrant laws they want without any Democratic Party votes. But they are internally divided. And due to U.S. Senate procedural rules, 60 votes are needed to pass a budget, but there are only 51 Republican senators. So even if all Republicans stick together, they still need at least 9 Democrats to vote with the Republicans to pass a budget to keep the government open.

This is one of the few pieces of leverage the Democrats have in the current Congress to demand things they want in exchange for their votes on the budget. After pressure from mass immigrant rights protests at the Capitol and around the country, on January 19 the Democrats announced they were withholding their votes on the budget because Republicans would not agree to a permanent fix for DACA youth. The Republicans therefore couldn’t pass a budget, so the government shut down.

Since the Republicans control the whole government, a prolonged government shutdown would be blamed on them. The Democrats had all the leverage to demand a Clean Dream Act as the price for giving their votes to end the shut down. It was the best shot they had at wringing a concession to defend immigrants from Trump and the Republicans.

But for that to work, the Democrats needed to stand firm.

They didn’t.

Three days later, 81 senators voted to end the shutdown, among them 33 Democrats, including both of Minnesota’s senators – Amy Klobuchar, and newcomer Tina Smith. In the deal to end the shutdown, there was nothing concrete for Dreamers; just serial liar Mitch McConnell’s word that he would let the issue come up in the Senate. First, his word is worthless. Second, such a process is guaranteed to produce a flurry of harsh anti-immigrant amendments, which will pass with the Republican majority in the Senate producing a toxic anti-immigrant bill. Third, this ‘deal’ did not include any commitment from House leader Paul Ryan to deal with a DACA fix in the House, or from Trump that he would sign such a bill if Congress passed it. In short, the Democratic leadership caved, needlessly handing over their best bargaining chip of withholding their votes on the budget until Dreamers are protected.

And not only that. In the negotiations to try to end the shutdown, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer put funding for Trump’s border wall on the table, offering to support that if Dreamers were protected. House Rep. Luis Gutierrez made the same offer, even offering to help build the wall himself (!) if Dreamers were protected. That negotiation stalled so it didn’t happen. But by showing that they are willing to agree to fund Trump’s wall under the right conditions, the Democrats have signaled to the Republicans that they are willing to go there, so now it is much more likely that the Republicans will force the Democrats to give in on the border wall to get anything for Dreamers. If the Democrats themselves had held firm and not put the wall on the table, they could have increased pressure on the Republicans to agree to a clean Dream Act. Now that will be all the more difficult with the Republicans smelling the blood in the water. After the vote to end the shutdown, President Trump gloated that the Senate Democrats had caved in, even as the Democrats feebly said they hadn’t.

So what was negotiated to end the shut down after only 3 days?

As it turns out, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was a key player in a group of ‘centrist’ politicians who forced an end to the shutdown after just one weekend, before it really even had much of an impact.

In December, Senator Klobuchar’s staff had assured members of MIRAC and other immigrant rights groups that she was ‘on our side’ and was taking a principled stand to withhold her vote on the budget until there was a solution for Dreamers.

She didn’t. And neither did new Minnesota Senator Tina Smith.

What happened?

Not only did Amy Klobuchar do a 180 and give her vote to end the shut down with nothing tangible for Dreamers in return, she actually played a central role in orchestrating the Democratic cave in after just 3 days.

It’s widely rumored that Senator Klobuchar has presidential ambitions. It’s worth noting that the other senators with presidential ambitions all voted to continue the government shutdown since there was nothing tangible yet for Dreamers. Only Klobuchar decided that she would build her presidential ambitions on a foundation of ‘common sense centrism’ which in practice means throwing 800,000 immigrant youth under the bus, not to mention their families and communities.

The budget deal that ended the shutdown was another temporary measure that just funds the government until February 8. So the struggle is not over.

We call on all supporters of immigrant rights to bring as much political pressure as we can to bear on Senator Klobuchar and Senator Smith before February 8 to demand that they do the right thing this time and stand up for immigrant youth until they win something concrete, rather than buckling at the first sign of turbulence. We must demand that they stand firm to say “No Clean Dream Act, no budget.”

And if the Republicans won’t agree to a clean Dream Act before Trump’s arbitrary March 5th deadline, then they must demand that Trump extend the deadline or reinstate DACA, which he has the power to do.

The alternative to the Democrats standing up to Republican bullying is putting the future of millions of immigrants — including 800,000 DACA youth — directly in the hands of Trump’s deportation machine.

We need our senators to hold firm to demand a vote in the House and Senate on a Clean Dream Act to protect the Dreamers from senseless deportation. This means no concessions that tear families apart through restrictions on family-based migration, no funding for border walls and no changes to the Diversity Visa Lottery. Delaying actions and empty promises will mean deportation for thousands of our immigrant neighbors. We must do all we can to prevent that.

Expand Sanctuary Now

As we inch closer to the March 5 DACA deadline, we also call on people to support our Sanctuary Platform campaign in Minneapolis and adapt and spread it to other cities. The Sanctuary Platform demands that the city deepen its commitment to protecting immigrant residents from the claws of the Trump administration and their ICE stormtroopers. We encourage people in other cities to also demand a deeper commitment to sanctuary from their local officials. Because whether Congress passes a Dream Act or not, deportations will continue and we need to fortify every line of defense we can to stop them. Email us at miracmn@gmail.com  If you’d be willing to contact your city councilperson and the mayor to win their support for the Sanctuary Platform.

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