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municipal id for all


Your help is needed. Please call your Minneapolis City Council member today! As the Minneapolis City Council debates and moves forward with Municipal ID (an important part of the Sanctuary Platform), your voice needs to be heard. It is urgent that you call your council member this week (April 23 – 27).

You can use the script below if you wish.

Ward | Council Member | Phone
1 Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201
2 Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202
3 Steve Fletcher (612) 673-2203
4 Phillipe Cunningham (612) 673-2204
5 Jeremiah Ellison (612) 673-2205
6 Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206
7 Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207
8 Andrea Jenkins (612) 673-2208
9 Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209
10 Lisa Bender (612) 673-2210
11 Jeremy Scroeder (612) 673-2211
12 Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212
13 Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213

To find which ward you live in, go to this web address: http://apps.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/AddressPortalApp/Search?AppID=WardFinderApp


Dear Council Member ______________,

I’m a constituent and the issue of Municipal ID is very important to me. Access to a Municipal ID allows immigrant, homeless, and other marginalized populations more equitable participation in society.

I support a Municipal ID program that guarantees the following:

  • CONTROL: A public ID that is of the city and directed by the city–not privatized, which would cause privacy concerns.
  • PRIORITY: A Municipal ID is urgent and we want a passing vote before June 2018.
  • ACCESS: The city needs to come to our communities and speak our languages.
  • SECURITY: The city must be responsible for destroying all data after 6 months.
  • RECIPROCITY: We want agreements with other cities to recognize our Municipal ID. However, we should not wait for reciprocity to pass Municipal ID.
  • CONFIDENCE: The Municipal ID must be a plastic card with a loadable magnetic strip, not a technological device
  • FUNDING: Municipal ID program must be funded at a minimum rate of $100,000 per year

    “Will you vote to support the creation and implementation of a Minneapolis Municipal ID program – yes or no?”

    Note: We need to keep track of yes’es and no’s. If the councilperson says anything like “it depends.” then the follow up question should be, “What specifically does your vote depend on?” We then need to capture those responses verbatim as much as possible so we can follow up on getting their concerns quickly answered.

    With your strong support and attention to the above aspects of Municipal ID, Minneapolis can be a leader in supporting our immigrant communities. Thank you!


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2018 may 1 square graphic bw BILINGUAL START AND END v5

may day 2018 flier-english-v2

(Español abajo)

Minneapolis International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights

3:30 PM
Lake Street & Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Facebook event

Join us in the streets for this year’s International Workers Day march for immigrant & workers rights.

* No attacks on immigrants, refugees & Muslims
* No more deportations
* Legalization for all
* Clean DREAM Act Now
* Restore Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Salvadorans & Haitians
* Adopt the Sanctuary Platform
* Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State
* Expand union rights in Minnesota
* Stop all ‘right to work’ (for less) attacks
* Living wage for all
* Medicare for all
* End to police brutality! Community control of the police!
* Climate justice
* Peace


may day 2018 flier - spanish -v2

Marcha en Minneapolis por el día internacional de lxs trabajadores para los derechos de lxs inmigrantes y trabajadores

3:30 PM
Calle Lake y Avenida Nicollet, Minneapolis

Evento en facebook

Aparta la fecha para salir a la calle para la marcha este año por los derechos de los inmigrantes y lxs trabajadores en el Día Internacional de lxs Trabajadores.

* No a los ataques contra los inmigrantes, refugiados y musulmanes
* No más deportaciones
* Legalización para todos
* Restauración del TPS para Salvadoreños y Haitianos
* Que adopten la Plataforma de Santuario
* Que Minnesota sea un Estado Santuario
* Expansión de los derechos sindicales en Minnesota
* Alto alos ataques con leyes de ‘derecho a trabajar’ (por menos)
* Salario justo para todos
* Medicare para todxs
* Fin a la brutalidad policiaca; Control comunitario sobre la policía
* Justicia climática
* Paz


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platform-signs-rgb-11On February 6, 2018 Minnesotans will participate in precinct caucuses.

Aside from picking a political party’s candidates for upcoming elections, at caucuses you can bring resolutions about political topics that will be discussed and voted on. This is one way you can raise awareness about important issues with your neighbors, and make a political statement together.

This year MIRAC encourages people who attend a precinct caucus (for whatever political party) to bring copies of our resolution: Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State.

2018 Caucus Sanctuary ResolutionMIRAC doesn’t endorse political parties or candidates. But we think bringing a resolution to your party of preference to Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State can be a good way to raise awareness and support for defending our immigrant neighbors. We also hope to encourage more people to support the Sanctuary Platform campaign in Minneapolis and to spread the spirit of that to other cities and statewide.

Click here to view and print copies of our resolution (pdf).

Instructions for bringing the resolution to your precinct caucus

  1. Caucuses are February 6 at 7:00 p.m. Find out where your precinct caucus is here.
  2. Before you go, make up to 50 copies of the resolution.
  3. Show up a few minutes early and let the person in charge know that you have a resolution you would like on the agenda. Give them a copy of the resolution.
  4. When your resolution comes up on the agenda, hand out copies of the agenda to everyone and be prepared to say a few words about why you think it’s important for people to support it.
  5. If any of your neighbors express interest in learning more about or getting involved in the Sanctuary Platform campaign, get their name and contact info to follow up and invite them to get involved!
  6. Contact us at MIRACMN@gmail.com or on our facebook page after your caucus is over to let us know your precinct number, if the resolution passed there, and how it went. Was there interesting discussion? Did anyone propose amendments, and if so what were they? Did you meet people who are interested in getting involved in the campaign for Sanctuary Now? We want to publicize all the precincts that passed the resolution to show that there is broad support for making Minnesota a sanctuary state.

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A call to action and statement by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC)

CALL TO ACTION:  Between now and February 8, we urge you to contact Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith to demand that they stand firm and refuse to vote for a budget unless and until Congress and the President pass a clean Dream Act.

Contact them to say: “Senator, I want you to use your leverage by refusing to vote for a budget until there is a CLEAN Dream Act that provides permanent protection for immigrant youth without being linked to the border wall or other attacks on immigrants.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar
Washington office: 202-224-3244
Metro Office: 612-727-5220
Email: https://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-amy

Senator Tina Smith
Washington office: 202-224-5641

Analysis and background


Last September, President Trump cruelly announced the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a temporary status won through struggle that shielded around 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and allowed them to get work permits and drivers licenses. Without DACA, they will all be subject to deportation.

A mass movement of immigrant youth and their communities and friends have responded to this threat by meeting with and pressuring politicians, and organizing vigils, marches, and sit-ins. The movement is demanding that Congress pass a Clean Dream Act to give immigrant youth permanent protection. The “clean” part means that it should not be bundled in with measures that would oppress other immigrants – a clean fix for DACA youth should be passed on its own.

Trump, whose racist and anti-immigrant politics have been crystal clear from the day he launched his presidential campaign with vicious attacks on Mexican immigrants, set an arbitrary March 5 deadline for Congress to act to legislate protection for DACA. He said if Congress sent him a bill he would sign it. Trump has not suddenly had a change of heart and decided he likes immigrant youth. What he’s doing is engaging in the most cynical gambit possible. He is holding 800,000 immigrant youth hostage, and demanding as ransom that the Democrats give in to the entire immigration wish list of the most extreme white supremacists. In exchange for protection for DACA youth, he is demanding that Congress pass his obscene border wall and dramatic increase of militarization of the border, end the decades-long policy of family-based migration (what the racists call ‘chain-migration’), and end the diversity visa lottery, which is responsible for more than half of the migration from Africa.

The effect of these policies would be nothing less than wide scale ethnic cleansing targeting Mexican and Central American people most directly, but also hitting hard against people from all of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Since the Republicans have the presidency and a majority in the House and Senate, if they were united as a party they should be able to pass all the anti-immigrant laws they want without any Democratic Party votes. But they are internally divided. And due to U.S. Senate procedural rules, 60 votes are needed to pass a budget, but there are only 51 Republican senators. So even if all Republicans stick together, they still need at least 9 Democrats to vote with the Republicans to pass a budget to keep the government open.

This is one of the few pieces of leverage the Democrats have in the current Congress to demand things they want in exchange for their votes on the budget. After pressure from mass immigrant rights protests at the Capitol and around the country, on January 19 the Democrats announced they were withholding their votes on the budget because Republicans would not agree to a permanent fix for DACA youth. The Republicans therefore couldn’t pass a budget, so the government shut down.

Since the Republicans control the whole government, a prolonged government shutdown would be blamed on them. The Democrats had all the leverage to demand a Clean Dream Act as the price for giving their votes to end the shut down. It was the best shot they had at wringing a concession to defend immigrants from Trump and the Republicans.

But for that to work, the Democrats needed to stand firm.

They didn’t.

Three days later, 81 senators voted to end the shutdown, among them 33 Democrats, including both of Minnesota’s senators – Amy Klobuchar, and newcomer Tina Smith. In the deal to end the shutdown, there was nothing concrete for Dreamers; just serial liar Mitch McConnell’s word that he would let the issue come up in the Senate. First, his word is worthless. Second, such a process is guaranteed to produce a flurry of harsh anti-immigrant amendments, which will pass with the Republican majority in the Senate producing a toxic anti-immigrant bill. Third, this ‘deal’ did not include any commitment from House leader Paul Ryan to deal with a DACA fix in the House, or from Trump that he would sign such a bill if Congress passed it. In short, the Democratic leadership caved, needlessly handing over their best bargaining chip of withholding their votes on the budget until Dreamers are protected.

And not only that. In the negotiations to try to end the shutdown, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer put funding for Trump’s border wall on the table, offering to support that if Dreamers were protected. House Rep. Luis Gutierrez made the same offer, even offering to help build the wall himself (!) if Dreamers were protected. That negotiation stalled so it didn’t happen. But by showing that they are willing to agree to fund Trump’s wall under the right conditions, the Democrats have signaled to the Republicans that they are willing to go there, so now it is much more likely that the Republicans will force the Democrats to give in on the border wall to get anything for Dreamers. If the Democrats themselves had held firm and not put the wall on the table, they could have increased pressure on the Republicans to agree to a clean Dream Act. Now that will be all the more difficult with the Republicans smelling the blood in the water. After the vote to end the shutdown, President Trump gloated that the Senate Democrats had caved in, even as the Democrats feebly said they hadn’t.

So what was negotiated to end the shut down after only 3 days?

As it turns out, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was a key player in a group of ‘centrist’ politicians who forced an end to the shutdown after just one weekend, before it really even had much of an impact.

In December, Senator Klobuchar’s staff had assured members of MIRAC and other immigrant rights groups that she was ‘on our side’ and was taking a principled stand to withhold her vote on the budget until there was a solution for Dreamers.

She didn’t. And neither did new Minnesota Senator Tina Smith.

What happened?

Not only did Amy Klobuchar do a 180 and give her vote to end the shut down with nothing tangible for Dreamers in return, she actually played a central role in orchestrating the Democratic cave in after just 3 days.

It’s widely rumored that Senator Klobuchar has presidential ambitions. It’s worth noting that the other senators with presidential ambitions all voted to continue the government shutdown since there was nothing tangible yet for Dreamers. Only Klobuchar decided that she would build her presidential ambitions on a foundation of ‘common sense centrism’ which in practice means throwing 800,000 immigrant youth under the bus, not to mention their families and communities.

The budget deal that ended the shutdown was another temporary measure that just funds the government until February 8. So the struggle is not over.

We call on all supporters of immigrant rights to bring as much political pressure as we can to bear on Senator Klobuchar and Senator Smith before February 8 to demand that they do the right thing this time and stand up for immigrant youth until they win something concrete, rather than buckling at the first sign of turbulence. We must demand that they stand firm to say “No Clean Dream Act, no budget.”

And if the Republicans won’t agree to a clean Dream Act before Trump’s arbitrary March 5th deadline, then they must demand that Trump extend the deadline or reinstate DACA, which he has the power to do.

The alternative to the Democrats standing up to Republican bullying is putting the future of millions of immigrants — including 800,000 DACA youth — directly in the hands of Trump’s deportation machine.

We need our senators to hold firm to demand a vote in the House and Senate on a Clean Dream Act to protect the Dreamers from senseless deportation. This means no concessions that tear families apart through restrictions on family-based migration, no funding for border walls and no changes to the Diversity Visa Lottery. Delaying actions and empty promises will mean deportation for thousands of our immigrant neighbors. We must do all we can to prevent that.

Expand Sanctuary Now

As we inch closer to the March 5 DACA deadline, we also call on people to support our Sanctuary Platform campaign in Minneapolis and adapt and spread it to other cities. The Sanctuary Platform demands that the city deepen its commitment to protecting immigrant residents from the claws of the Trump administration and their ICE stormtroopers. We encourage people in other cities to also demand a deeper commitment to sanctuary from their local officials. Because whether Congress passes a Dream Act or not, deportations will continue and we need to fortify every line of defense we can to stop them. Email us at miracmn@gmail.com  If you’d be willing to contact your city councilperson and the mayor to win their support for the Sanctuary Platform.

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Mandamos a la oficina de Sheriff Stanek la siguiente carta el 20 de octubre, 2017.

20 de Octubre 2017
Richard W. Stanek
Hennepin County Sheriff
350 S. 5th St., Room #6
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Sheriff Stanek,

Estamos escribiendo en respuesta a su carta del 21 de septiembre a la alcaldesa Hodges y al concejo municipal. En la cual creemos que era muy engañoso y deshonesto para los oficiales de la ciudad y para la gente de Minneapolis. Para empezar, por decir que “los oficiales agentes locales de la ley en Minnesota no hacen cumplir las leyes de inmigración” ,engañe a los oficiales de la ciudad y el público en creer que la HCSO (Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Hennepin) no tiene un papel en los sistemas de inmigración y deportación. Pero eso es muy lejos de la verdad. HCSO funciona como una rama de ICE y sin la cooperación de HCSO hasta “ la máxima medida permitida por la ley”, ICE no podría detener ni deportar a los residentes de Minnesota en los niveles actuales..

Desafortunadamente, toda la gente arrestada en Minneapolis terminan en la cárcel del Condado de Hennepin. Esto significa que HCSO es responsable por poner en movimiento el proceso de deportación por cada residente de Minneapolis quien es eventualmente deportado. Porque HCSO “coopera con los oficiales de ICE la máxima medida permitida por la ley”, HCSO es responsable por cada lágrima y cada familia inmigrante desalojada, cada dólar del base de los impuestos de Minneapolis que la economía local pierde cuando un residente es deportado. Qué vergüenza.

Pero no tiene que ser así. Es voluntario honrar las Peticiones por Notificación de ICE, igual que los “holds” de ICE. Docenas de ciudades y condados en los estados unidos y en los estados de Nueva York y California han declarado que no van a honrar ningunos. Las estadísticas muestran que han convertido en comunidades más seguras. Ud. declara que HCSO seguirá las leyes federales y del estado. Pero al contrario Ud. impone políticas que no son leyes – acciones que incluyen imponer las Peticiones por Notificación, haciendo llamadas a ICE, y dando a ICE información sobre el estatus de inmigración de los detenidos. Nunca explica porque está haciendo esas cosas. Los inmigrantes quienes “supuestamente” han cometido crímenes y después se han retirado los cargos y no se los encuentra culpables solo terminan en los procesos de deportación después de que sus oficiales llamen a ICE.

Según su carta, los detenidos revelan su estatus de inmigración “voluntariamente” (mientras que están en la custodia de HCSO) y sus oficiales “coordinan” llamadas a ICE, un proceso que . . “es seguido cada vez que un oficial hace un arresto y trae a un individuo a la cárcel”. ¿Ud realmente piensa que el público cree que los detenidos inmigrantes “voluntariamente” habla con ICE? ¿Puede HCSO probar que sus oficiales informan cada detenido que hablar con ICE es opcional y que ningún daño o sanción vendrá a ellos si eligen no hablar con ICE.

Al contrario, los detenidos con quien trabajamos nos cuentan que no les dan la opción de no contestar a las llamadas con ICE. Y ningún detenido que ha trabajado con nosotros ha dicho que ofrecieron voluntariamente su estatus de inmigración. Los detenidos nos cuentan que estaban bajo presión hacerlo. Mientras su carta no ofrece ninguna explicación porque HCSO continua a imponer las políticas que son voluntarias, nosotros sí sabemos porque. En el artículo del 11 de octubre del Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Los cárceles de los condados en Minnesota hacen negocios fuertes con los autoridades de inmigración”, describen como los Sheriffs de los condados en Minnesota están recibiendo ganancias de la detención de los inmigrantes.

Mientras que no hay centro de detención en el condado de Hennepin, el dinero fluye a HCSO por el contrato entre la ciudad y el condado para encarcelar residentes de Minneapolis. Hacemos un llamado a la alcaldesa y al consejo municipal para que termine este contrato inmediatamente. También nos preguntamos si DHS (Departamento de Homeland Seguridad) y/o ICE paga a HCSO en alguna manera por cooperar con ICE.

Finalmente, Ud. “no toma a ninguna posición al respeto de la política santuario [en Minneapolis]” pero otra vez engaña a los oficiales de la ciudad y el público. Sus prácticas y políticas claramente establecen su posición contra los inmigrantes. Como Sheriff de la Oficina de Deportación en el Condado de Hennepin, concluimos que Ud. es responsable directamente por cada deportación de un residente de Minneapolis. Como otros oficiales públicos han declarado, Ud. y su personal lo hace mucha más fácil para que ICE busque a los inmigrantes. Ud. muchas veces ha dicho que, “No hagamos el trabajo de ICE— nunca hemos hecho, nunca lo haremos” pero es exactamente lo que Ud. y su personal están haciendo. Le pedimos que deje de mentir a los oficiales de la ciudad y al público. No le creemos—nunca hemos hecho, nunca lo haremos.

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We delivered the following letter to Sheriff Stanek’s office on October 20, 2017.

October 20, 2017

Richard W. Stanek
Hennepin County Sheriff
350 S. 5th St., Room #6
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Dear Sheriff Stanek,

We are writing in response to your Sept. 21 letter to Mayor Hodges and City Council, which we believe is misleading and dishonest, both to city officials and to the people of Minneapolis. To begin, by saying that “local law enforcement officers in Minnesota don’t enforce immigration laws,” you mislead city officials and the public into thinking that HCSO plays little or no role in the immigration and deportation system. But nothing can be further than the truth. HCSO functions as an arm of ICE and without HCSO’s cooperation “to the fullest extent of the law,” ICE could not detain nor deport Minnesota residents at its present levels.

Unfortunately, all arrestees in Minneapolis end up in the Hennepin County jail. This makes HCSO singularly responsible for setting the deportation process into motion for every Minneapolis resident who is eventually deported. Because HCSO “cooperate[s] with ICE officers to the fullest extent of the law,” HCSO is responsible for every immigrant tear shed, every immigrant family made homeless, and every dollar lost to the Minneapolis tax base and to the local economy when a Minneapolis resident is deported. Shame on you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Honoring ICE Requests for Notification are voluntary, as are ICE “holds.” Dozens of American cities and counties and the states of New York and California have declared they will honor neither and statistics show they have become safer communities. You state HCSO will follow state and federal law, but at the same time, you enforce policies that are not law, like Requests for Notification, making calls to ICE, and giving ICE information about the immigration status of arrestees. You never say why you are doing this. Immigrants who have “allegedly” committed crimes and whose charges are subsequently dropped or are found not guilty only end up in the deportation process after your officers call ICE.

According to your letter, arrestees “voluntarily” disclose their immigration status (while in HCSO custody) and your officers then “arrange” calls to ICE, a process that “…is followed every time an officer makes an arrest and brings an individual to jail.” Do you expect the public to believe that immigrant detainees “voluntarily” speak with ICE? Can HCSO prove that its officers inform every detainee that talking to ICE is voluntary and that no harm or sanction will come to them if they choose not to talk to ICE?

To the contrary, detainees tell us that they are not given a choice to answer the calls made by your officers to ICE. And, no detainee that we have worked with has ever said they voluntarily offered their immigration status. Detainees tell us they were pressured to do so. While your letter provides no rationale for why HCSO continues to enforce policies that are voluntary, we know why. In their October 11 article, “Minnesota County jails do brisk business with immigration authorities,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune described how Minnesota County Sheriff’s are profiting from immigrant detention.

While there is no immigrant detention center in Hennepin County, money flows to HPSO through the contract between the city and the county to incarcerate Minneapolis residents. We call on the Mayor and City Council to immediately sever that contract. We also wonder if DHS and/or ICE pays HPSO in any way shape or form for cooperating with ICE.

Finally, you “take no position with respect to a sanctuary city policy [in Minneapolis],” but again, you mislead city officials and the public. Your practices and policies clearly establish the position you’ve taken against immigrants. As Sheriff of the Hennepin County Deportation Office, we place on you the direct responsibility for each and every deportation of a Minneapolis resident. As other public officials have described, you and your staff make it much easier for ICE to target immigrants. You have often said, “We don’t do ICE’s job — never have, never will”, but this is exactly what you and your staff are doing. We call on you to stop lying — to city officials and to the public. We don’t believe you — never have, never will.

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(Español abajo)

Join us in resisting attacks against immigrants, refugees and rising deportations nationally by deepening Minneapolis’s commitment to stand with our immigrant/refugee communities locally. Despite this city’s separation ordinance, Minneapolis residents continue to be detained and deported weekly through Hennepin County Jail and excluded from civil rights and freedoms. Call your local council-member and ask them to support the 13 point Minneapolis Sanctuary Platform now! Cities around the country are already enacting similar policies.

After you call, leave a post here or email us (MIRACMN@gmail.com) letting us know the responses you have received.

Sample script: [Hello, my name is _________ and I am a resident of the ______ ward. I’m upset that community members continue to be detained and deported by immigration from Minneapolis, and deprived of basic rights and freedoms. I am asking that you support the 13 point Minneapolis Sanctuary Platform supported by a diverse coalition of community organizations, organized labor, businesses and faith communities.]

The 13 Point Platform:

1. Fund legal representation for immigrants who are Minneapolis residents who are detained by ICE.
2. Create a Minneapolis Municipal ID available to all city residents regardless of immigration status.
3. Use the city’s influence to press the Hennepin County sheriff and commissioners to stop cooperating with ICE in ways that result in deportations.
4. Shield Immigrants from ICE by implementing policies that reduce their exposure to ICE agents.
5. Hold legal clinics around the city to aid people to apply for residency or citizenship.
6. Guarantee certification of all U Visas by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and adoption of an expedited process (7-day maximum) for people in deportation proceedings.
7. Do a comprehensive review of Minneapolis’s data practices and take all possible measures to prevent ICE from accessing any data they could use to target immigrants.
8. Increase city resources to support vigorous enforcement of employment and labor laws focused on sectors of the economy with high violations which coincide in great part with industries that have a large number of immigrant workers: low-wage, day labor, and informal sector.
9. Strengthen tenants rights and protections in Minneapolis; increase penalties on landlords who exclude, exploit or manipulate their tenants based on their immigration status.
10. Allow non-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections that the city has control over.
11. Reveal any ongoing city participation with the so-called “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) program and all affiliates, including the “Strong Cities Network”; release a statement condemning CVE and any similar program that singles out or targets immigrant communities.
12. Enact a city ordinance that strictly prohibits any ICE detention facility or ICE training center from opening or operating within the Minneapolis city limits and that prohibits any municipal entity from entering into any contract with DHS or ICE.
13. Establish a new municipal Office for Immigrant & Refugee Relationships.

Find your ward council-member here: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/council/

Ward 1 Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201
Ward 2 Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202
Ward 3 Jacob Frey (612) 673-2203
Ward 4 Barbara Johnson (612) 673-2204
Ward 5 Blong Yang (612) 673-2205
Ward 6 Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206
Ward 7 Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207
Ward 8 Elizabeth Gidden (612) 673-2208
Ward 9 Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209
Ward 10 Lisa Bender (612) 673.2210
Ward 11 John Quincy (612) 673-2211
Ward 12 Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212
Ward 13 Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213


Sanctuario Ya!
Llame a su consejal para exigir que apoye la Plataforma para una Ciudad Santuaria

Júntense con nosotr@s en resistir los ataques en contra de los inmigrantes y el aumento de deportaciones a nivel nacional en exigir que la ciudad de Minneapolis se comprometa a defender a sus comunidades inmigrantes. A pesar de tener una ordinaza de separación en nuestra ciudad, los residentes de Minneapolis siguen siendo víctimas de un sistema injusto en donde cada semana hay inmigrantes detenidos y deportados por las cárceles del condado de Hennepin que niegan darles a los inmigrantes los mismos derechos que tienen sus vecinos.

Llame ya a su consejal y exija que apoye y apruebe todos los 13 puntos de la Plataforma para una Ciudad Santuaria en Minneapolis! Hay ciudades alrededor del país que ya han establecido pólizas semejantes.

Ejemplo: [Hola, mi nombre es _________ y yo soy un/a residente del precinto ______. Estoy decepcionado/a que miembros de nuestra comunidad siguen siendo detenidos y deportados por inmigración en Minneapolis y que están privados de tener derechos básicos como el derecho de votar en sus elecciones locales. Llamo hoy para asegurar que usted apoye los 13 puntos de la Plataforma para una Ciudad Santuaria llevado por una diversa coalición de organizaciones comunitarias, laborales y de fé.

Despues de llamar, mándanos un mensaje a MIRACMN@gmail.com notando la respuesta que recibiste. Gracias!

Los 13 puntos de la plataforma

1. Fondos para la representación legal para inmigrantes residentes de Minneapolis que son detenidos por ICE.
2. Crear una Identificación Municipal disponible a todos los residentes de Minneapolis sin importar su estatus migratorio.
3. Usar la influencia de la ciudad para presionar al sheriff y a los comisionados del condado de Hennepin a que dejen de cooperar con ICE de maneras que resultan en deportaciones.
4. Proteger a los inmigrantes de ICE con la implementación de políticas que reducen su contacto con agentes de ICE.
5. Ofrecer clínicas legales en toda la ciudad para ayudarles a las personas aplicar para la residencia o la ciudadanía.
6. Garantizar la certificación de todas las solicitudes para una “Visa U” por el Departamento de Policía de Minneapolis (MPD) y la adopción de un proceso acelerado (7 días máximo) para personas que están en proceso de deportación.
7. Revisar de forma comprensiva las prácticas con los datos en Minneapolis y tomar todas medidas posibles para prevenir que ICE consigue acceso a cualquier datos que podrían usar en contra para apuntar a los inmigrantes.
8. Aumentar los recursos de la ciudad para apoyar la aplicación vigorosa de las leyes del empleo y labor enfocadas en los sectores de la economía donde hay muchas violaciones que coincidan en gran parte con industrias que tienen muchos trabajadores inmigrantes: sectores con bajo salario, jornaleros, y el sector informal.
9. Fortalecer los derechos y las protecciones de los inquilinos en Minneapolis; Aumentar el castigo contra propietarios quienes excluyen, explotan o manipulan sus inquilinos basado en su estatus migratorio.
10. Residentes de Minneapolis que no son ciudadanos deberían tener el derecho de votar en las elecciones municipales en que la ciudad ejerce control.
11. Revelar cualquier participación que la ciudad todavía tiene con el programa denominada “Contra el Extremismo Violento” (en inglés “Countering Violent Extremism” o “CVE”) y otros programas afiliados incluso la “Red de Ciudades Fuertes”; Pronunciarse en contra de CVE y otros programas parecidos que ponen en el blanco comunidades inmigrantes.
12. Implementar una ordenanza en la ciudad que estrictamente prohíbe la presencia de cualquier institución de detención o centro de entrenamiento de ICE dentro de Minneapolis y que prohíbe a cualquier entidad municipal de entrar en un contrato con DHS o ICE.
13. Establecer una nueva Oficina Municipal de Relaciones Inmigrantes y Refugiados.

Busca tu representante aquí:

Ward 1 Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201
Ward 2 Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202
Ward 3 Jacob Frey (612) 673-2203
Ward 4 Barbara Johnson (612) 673-2204
Ward 5 Blong Yang (612) 673-2205
Ward 6 Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206
Ward 7 Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207
Ward 8 Elizabeth Gidden (612) 673-2208
Ward 9 Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209
Ward 10 Lisa Bender (612) 673.2210
Ward 11 John Quincy (612) 673-2211
Ward 12 Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212
Ward 13 Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213

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