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Here are 3 things you can do about it!

  1. Come with us on the bus to the national protest on Monday, July 18 at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where Trump is set to officially become the Republican candidate. We’re chartering a bus from Minneapolis to Cleveland to protest Trump on Day 1 of the RNC. We’ll leave Sunday evening, and be back Tuesday early morning. Join us on the bus! We need the biggest possible rejection of Trump and everything he stands for at that moment. Click here for more info on the bus: bit.ly/DumpTrumpBus
  2. Join us at a “happy hour & appetizers” fundraiser Friday, July 1 at 5:30 pm to raise money for the bus. Join us and bring money to donate! Address: 3137 44th Ave S, Minneapolis 55406.
  3. Donate online to help fund the bus. Chartering a bus is expensive! Help us cover the cost so people can go and represent Minnesota there, regardless of ability to pay.

Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee
Comité por los derechos de los inmigrantes en Minnesota

651-389-9174 | MIRACMN@gmail.com | Facebook | Twitter

Activistas por los derechos de inmigrantes protestaran las nuevas redadas anunciadas por la administración de Obama, cuya meta es y deporta madres e hijos provenientes de Centro América

¡Alto a la agenda de deportación de Donald Trump! ¡No a la separación de familias!

13233439_10208442081983607_183335146_n¿Que? Reunión y marcha en contra de las redadas y deportaciones de inmigrantes

¿Cuando? Miércoles, Mayo 25. 4:30 p.m.

¿Donde? Empezara la reunión afuera de la oficina de la senadora Klobuchar (1200 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis) para demandar una declaración oficial condenando las redadas. Después se marchara hacia la sede del Partido Republicano (2200 East Avenue, Minneapolis) para oponer la agenda anti-inmigrante de Trump

¿Quien? El Comité de Acción y Derechos Inmigrantes en Minnesota

Mas información: https://www.facebook.com/events/232274160476572/

La administración de Obama y oficiales de inmigración están planeando una nueva ola de redadas en los meses de Mayo y Junio, con fin de deportar madres y niños de Centro América. Pese a la declaración del Presidente que no sería una prioridad la detención y deportación de familias con niños, las redadas continúan. Creemos que la fractura de familias y el enfoque en aprensar a los refugiados más vulnerables es cruel e inmoral. Muchas de estas mujeres y niños se encontrarían en situaciones peligrosas y corren el riesgo de morir si son deportados.

Por lo tanto, asemos un llamado a nuestros líderes electorales, incluyendo a los Senadores Klobuchar y Franken, para que cesen las redadas. Los Demócratas les están fallando a sus constitución inmigrante si permiten que la agencia de Inmigración Custodia y Enforzamiento (ICE) le dé seguimiento a la agenda de Donald Trump. Demandamos “¡No más Deportaciones!”

Únete alas 4:30pm, Miércoles Marzo 25 en la oficina de la Senadora Klobuchar para demandar una declaración encontrar de las redadas y después marchar a la sede Republicana de Minnesota (2200 East Franlin Avenue #201, Minneapolis). Digamos no a la agenda de Trump.

Para más información en las redadas planeadas en los meses de Mayo y Junio visite:


El Comité de Acción y Derechos Inmigrantes en Minnesota (MIRAc) consiste de voluntarios de la comunidad, cual fue fundada en el 2006 y continua luchando por la legalización y equidad de todos inmigrantes en Minnesota. MIRAc ha organizado la campaña de No Mas Deportaciones desde el 2010.


Immigrant rights activists to protest Obama’s immigration raids targeting Central American mothers and children

Stop carrying out Donald Trump’s deportation agenda! No more separation of families!

13233439_10208442081983607_183335146_nWhat: Rally & march against immigration raids & deportations
Wednesday, May 25, 4:30 p.m.
Starts with a rally outside Sen. Klobuchar’s office (1200 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis) to demand a statement against the raids and then march to the Republican Party Headquarters of Minnesota at 2200 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, to say NO to the Trump anti-immigrant agenda.
Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC)

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/232274160476572/

The Obama administration and immigration officials are planning a new wave of raids in May and June targeting Central American mothers and children. Despite the Obama administration’s statements that it would not prioritize detaining and deporting families and children, these raids continue. We believe that breaking up families and targeting the most vulnerable refugees is cruel and wrong. Many of these women and children will be facing dangerous situations and even death if deported.

We are asking Minnesota’s elected officials, including Senators Klobuchar and Franken, to demand a stop to these raids. The Democrats are failing their immigrant constituency if they allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to pursue Donald Trump’s deportation agenda. We say ‘no more deportations!’

Join us at 4:30pm, Wednesday of March 25th at Sen. Klobuchar’s office to demand a statement against the raids and then march to the Republican Headquaters of Minnesota at 2200 East Franklin Avenue #201, Minneapolis, to say NO to the Trump agenda.

Background on the immigration raids planned for May and June: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-deportation-exclusive-idUSKCN0Y32J1

The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) is an all-volunteer, grassroots community organization founded in 2006 that fights for legalization and full equality for all in Minnesota. MIRAC has organized the No More Deportations campaign since 2010.


Statement from the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC)
May 23, 2016

MEME MN REPUBS CRASH REAL ID INTO A DITCHMinnesota’s legislative session skidded into a ditch at midnight Sunday, May 22, leaving the massive bonding and transportation bills as well as REAL ID drivers license implementation stillborn as time ran out.

The feds have threatened Minnesotans with not accepting MN drivers licenses as identification in airports if the legislature doesn’t make state licenses REAL ID-compliant soon. The main issue preventing legislative agreement on the REAL ID bill was the dogged insistence by House Republicans of inserting anti-immigrant language into the bill, and when that didn’t work, legal mechanisms intended to ensure the exclusion of undocumented immigrants from eligibility for driver’s licenses.

Minnesota already currently prohibits undocumented immigrants from getting a drivers license, and a REAL ID-compliant license would also by definition prohibit it. But many states that have implemented REAL ID such as California have also created a second-tier ‘non-compliant’ drivers license that is accessible to undocumented immigrants.

Immigrant rights activists including MIRAC and other organizations and community members have pushed for drivers license access in Minnesota for years. Anti-immigrant legislators have blocked the proposal every year, forcing 100,000 undocumented immigrants who live and work in the state to drive without a license to get to work and school due to inadequate public transit and harsh winters, risking arrest and deportation. This harms immigrant families and communities, and is irrational public safety policy.

Many members of our organization, the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC), an all-volunteer grassroots community organization, were at the capitol throughout this session and around the clock for the final days of the session to make sure the House Republicans didn’t sneak anti-immigrant provisions into the final REAL ID bill. House Republicans had earlier put a provision excluding immigrants in their version of the bill and tried to insert the same language in the joint House-Senate conference committee. Activists also wanted to make sure that Senate Democrats didn’t give in to the Republicans’ anti-immigrant language at the last minute in order to make a deal to get REAL ID implemented, given that pressure is strong to implement REAL ID before the federal deadline.

We are happy to report that the anti-immigrant agenda was blocked.

On May 21 Senate Democrats on the REAL ID conference committee, which was tasked with reconciling the versions of the REAL ID bill passed by the House and the Senate, presented a surprise proposal in an attempt to reach a compromise. Their proposal attempted to break the logjam with Republicans by removing the Republicans’ anti-immigrant language but requiring any subsequent Department of Public Safety (DPS) rule changes in REAL ID implementation to come back to the legislature for final approval. Senate Committee Members, led by Senator Scott Dibble (DFL), hoped this would assuage Republican fears that DPS could decide to make a second-tier license available to undocumented immigrants via a post-REAL ID rule change. While the Democrats’ proposal at least removed the Republicans’ anti-immigrant language, the effect of the compromise proposal would create more hurdles along the path of winning drivers license access for immigrants, with no ultimate guarantee.

MIRAC immediately responded by questioning the constitutionality of this proposal. A MIRAC statement released the same day explained that it could be interpreted as the legislature attempting to improperly usurp rulemaking power from the executive branch (Departments are part of the executive branch headed by the governor, and they have rulemaking authority). This could have ramifications affecting the balance of powers between the branches of government as outlined in the state constitution. MIRAC then circulated a legal brief to the legislators on the REAL ID conference committee and to the Department of Public Safety, raising the issue of the constitutionality of the proposal. After that, the conference committee stalled out, failing to propose a viable way to move forward without fully capitulating to the obstinate Republicans, who insisted all the way to the midnight deadline on keeping anti-immigrant language in the bill.

The unfortunate result of the legislative impasse is that REAL ID implementation failed, thereby risking massive inconvenience for the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans whose drivers licenses will cease to be valid identification at airports in 2018, unless and until a deal is reached.

With three major bills stalled as the clock ran out on the 2016 legislative session, talk immediately turns to a special session to finish the bonding, transportation and REAL ID bills. Both House Speaker Kurt Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said they’re open to a special session, but only the governor can initiate one. On May 23 Governor Dayton said he would take some time to review the bills that were passed before deciding whether to call a special session to deal with the unfinished business. But given the magnitude and importance of the bills the legislature failed to pass, chances of a special session are high.

We’re honored to give our time and efforts in this struggle for justice. We know we are just one organization among several that played a role in preventing anti-immigrant laws from passing in our state. This struggle belongs to all the individuals and organizations that help and to the whole community affected by the lack of drivers license access.

MIRAC pledges to continue the struggle for drivers license access for all in Minnesota regardless of immigration status. We will work with others to continue this struggle whether it’s in a special session, the next legislative session, or any other venue.

The struggle continues!
Drivers license access for all!

To: Representative Dennis Smith; Representative Tony Albright; Representative Gene

From: Danielle Robinson Briand, Esq. on behalf of the Minnesota Immigrant Rights
Action Committee

Date: May 22, 2016

Re: House Proposal for S3589 Section 23, Subdivision 4(b) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Let it be known that there is no legal basis to support the House’s proposal in S.F. 3589 Section 23, Subdivision 4(b), which requires the legislature to either ratify or veto the rules promulgated by the Department of Public Safety following administrative rulemaking. In fact, this proposal raises serious questions about the separation of power that is established under the Minnesota State Constitution.

Article IV of the Minnesota Constitution provides no basis for the legislative “approval” (i.e. ratification/veto) of agency rules. Likewise, there is no legal basis for legislative ratification or veto under the Minnesota Statute on Agency Rulemaking.

We underscore here that the only legal authority that the legislature has to “veto” an administrative rule promulgated by an executive agency is through the legislative coordinating commission under Minnesota Statute section 3.842 or through the legislative process pursuant to Minnesota Statute section 14.05, subd. 1. The latter process is precisely what the Senate is proposing in the “A11 Amendment” to S3589, which would require the legislature to engage in the legislative process FROM THE BEGINNING if there are concerns about the legitimacy of the proposed agency rules. Otherwise, the Minnesota Constitution authorizes the judiciary to review the constitutionality of administrative rules, whether or not the administrative rules exceed the legislative intent of S3589, and/or whether the legislature complied with procedures required under the Administrative Procedure Act.

We are here to say that it is the House that is sandbagging Real ID through anti-immigrant politicking, which is eminently obvious through its unconstitutional proposal in Section 23 of S3589. This is precisely what the greater public will come to know once the legislative session expires should Real ID fail to come into fruition.

The Attached PDF report (MN House Research Report on Administrative Rulemaking) published by the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department outlines the proper legal analysis to questions on administrative rulemaking.


Activists of the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) await a conference committee to reconvene in order to ensure that anti-immigrant language does not make it into the Real ID bill.


All eyes are on this legislation as it could result in a long-awaited goal for the immigrant community to regain access to driver’s licenses.  The right to apply for driver’s licenses was forfeited under the Pawlenty Administration, when an administrative rule change made it a requirement for an applicant to prove their “lawful status” under federal immigration law in order to establish the residency requirement for a Minnesota driver’s license.


Both the House and Senate proposals provide for a two-tier driver’s licensing system that includes a version that meets all requirements under Real ID and may be used for federal purposes, as well as an alternative or “noncompliant” license that may not be used for federal purposes.  As the legislation is coming down to the wire, the House and Senate must reach a compromise on several core differences between their respective proposals.  The most controversial is a provision of the House bill that specifically requires applicants for both tiers of licenses to prove their “lawful status” under immigration law.  The Senate’s proposal is silent on the lawful status requirement, thus allowing the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety to make the call in line with the agency’s mission to promote safety on the roadways.


The following may be attributed to MIRAC with respect to the Real ID proposal from the House:


We strongly believe that the lawful status provision of the House bill is rooted in an anti-immigrant agenda that seeks to make life difficult for undocumented immigrants in order to coerce their self-deportation.  Beyond being wholly misguided, this ideology promotes racism in our communities and sets the stage for widespread racial profiling of Latinos by police officers.  Just last year, a cop was fired in Chaska for targeting Latino drivers outside a mobile home park where many undocumented immigrants are known to live.  This is just one example of accountability for racist policing that the Latino community endures on a daily basis around the state.  We simply cannot afford for our elected officials to perpetuate policies that are so deleterious to the welfare and security of our community.

Wednesday, May 25th – 4:30 pm
1200 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415
(Informacion en Español abajo)


The Obama administration and immigration officials are planning a new wave of raids in May and June targeting Central American mothers and children. Join us to tell both the democrats and republicans to stop the violent raids and keep our families together and end the cruelty of sending refugee mothers and children back to dangerous situations.

Join us at 4:30pm at Sen. Klobuchar’s office to demand a statement against the raids and then march to the republican headquaters of Minnesota at 2200 East Franklin Avenue #201, Minneapolis, MN 55405 to say NO to the Trump agenda.

This protest is organized by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC). Endorsed by: Interfaith Coalition on Immigration, Students for a Democratic Society at UMN, Anti-War Committee. Email us if your group would like to endorse.

La administración de Obama en conjunto con la agencia de inmigración planean una nueva ola de redadas en los meses de Mayo y Junio, con el objetivo de deportar madres e hijos de Centro América. Únete a nosotros y demandemos de los demócratas y republicanos que cesen la violencia que crean las redadas. También exigimos que mantengan a nuestras familias juntas y resguardadas del peligro de la deportación a zonas que pondrán sus vidas en riesgo.

La demostración se llevará a cabo a las 4:30pm en la oficina de la Senadora Klobuchar para demandar una declaración oficial en contra de las redadas. Después marcharemos a las sede republicana de Minnesota en 2200 East Franklin Ave, para denunciar la agenda de Trump.

Protesta organizada por el Comité por los derechos de los inmigrantes en Minnesota (MIRAC). Endorsada por: Coalición Interfé por la migración, Students for a Democratic Society at UMN, Anti-War Committee. Mandanos un mensaje si tu organización quiere endorsar.