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Hello everyone! Tomorrow a few of us will be presenting on the aftermath of the immigration raids that happened in Postville, IA in May 2008. See below for more information. It will be at the Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha Ave, (corner of Minnehaha and Lake behind the liquor store) Suite 20 (basement). The presentation will begin at 10:00. Coffee provided! Please come and bring friends!!!

Hola a todas/os!! Manana vamos a dar una pequena presentacion sobre la situacion actual del pueblo de Postville, IA despues de la redadas que paso en Mayo 2008. Ve abajo para mas informacion (perdon que este en ingles). La presentacion estara en the Resource Center of the Americas (3019 Minnehaha Ave, (la esquina de Minnehaha and Lake atras de la tienda de alcohol) Suite 20 (al fondo). La presentacion comenzara a las 10:00. Cafe estara servido! Por favor ven y traigan sus amigas/os!!

Mas informacion:

May 12, 2008, Postville, IA was home to the now 2nd largest Immigration raid in the U.S. (behind Laurel, Mississippi). Around 390 people were arrested from their worksite, Agroprocessors, Inc. Eight months later, the local faith community is declaring a humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of people are without work, without electricity, facing eviction and dependent on the local food shelf. After passing months in detention centers around the country, many have been deported already, their famlies left to fend for themselves under the vigilance of ICE. Others are being forced to stay on in Iowa, with tracking bracelets on their ankles, until the Agroprocessors trial, which will likely not occur until September, 2009. On December 28th, a Solidarity caravan traveled from Minneapolis to Iowa with vans full of food as a sign of solidarity and support across borders. The aftermath of this raid was harsher than many had imagined. Those that participated in the caravan promised to bear witness to this tragedy as well as continue reaching hands across borders in any way possible. Please come listen to their account and see in what way we can all be involved. Saturday, January 24th at 10:00 am


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