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Thursday, February 14
Stop breaking our hearts!
Valentines Day Call-in Day to Minnesota’s Senators
Stop dividing families: No more deportations & genuine immigration reform now!

Call them!val-day-call-in-day-320-v3
Senator Klobuchar – (612) 727-5220
Senator Franken – (651) 221-1016

Message them!
Send Senator Klobuchar a message:
Send Senator Franken a message:
(they don’t publish their email addresses anymore, you have to ‘email’ them via their webform)

Tweet this message:
I want progressive immigration reform-legalization for all, no 2nd class ‘guest worker’, no border militarization! @amyklobuchar @AlFranken

I want you to push for genuine, progressive immigration reform that consists of:

  1. Legalization for all — the Senate framework and Obama’s proposal are way too restrictive and punitive. Immigrant workers shouldn’t be treated like criminals or terrorists!
  1. No second-class guest worker programs — full legalization with full equality for immigrant workers, not a gift to corporations of endless temporary low-wage workers with limited rights
  1. No more militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border — the border is already too militarized leading to too many deaths. Increasing “border security” means thousands more deaths in the Arizona desert. Since NAFTA, corporations can cross the border freely, why not workers?
  1. No increased workplace repression — everyone should have the right to work with dignity and labor rights. Programs like E-Verify should be abolished, not expanded. A national biometric ID card is unpopular and unnecessary.

Context / Background:
President Obama and the bipartisan “Gang of 8” Senators have announced their framework for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that they want to pass in this congressional session. On issue after issue, we’ve seen the White House and Congressional Democrats too quick to abandon progressive proposals and give in to conservative bullying. So ideas that start out progressive (like health care reform for example) go through a legislative process that tears out any progressive content and stuffs it full of pro-corporate and repressive ideas. The final product comes out on the other end as at best mediocre or at worst as regressive, counterproductive laws. We already see that pattern with this “bipartisan framework” for immigration reform. It leads off with more repression at the border and in the workplace, and talks vaguely of a punitive, restrictive ‘legalization’ that treats immigrants as criminals and terrorists. This is not a good framework. We want genuine, progressive immigration reform.

So we are asking Minnesotans to contact Senator Franken and Senator Klobuchar on Thursday, February 14. Tell them you want them to take leadership to stand up for genuine, progressive immigration reform, and you want them to say no to pro-corporate and repressive proposals that are part of the “bipartisan” framework for immigration reform.

Senator Franken and Senator Klobuchar have a chance to stand up for progressive values and push back against conservative, repressive proposals. Let them know that compromise with anti-immigrant ideas is not acceptable. No human being is illegal and all people have dignity and equal rights. We expect them to fight for and push through a genuine, progressive immigrant reform that provides legalization for all, that doesn’t create vast pro-corporate second class guest worker programs, and that doesn’t further militarize the U.S.-Mexico border or expand repressive workplace measures like E-Verify.  We expect no less from them.

Support the call-in day on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/events/106411209541702/

After you’ve contacted them, email us at MIRAcMN@gmail.com and let us know how it went and if you get a response. Thanks!

Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc)
651-389-9174 | facebook.com/MIRAcMN | MIRAcMN@gmail.com | MIRAc1.wordpress.com


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