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At their April 24 meeting, the Minneapolis City Council passed the following resolution supporting the MIRAc-initiaited May 1st immigrant & workers rights march:

A Resolution Supporting Immigrant and Workers’ Rights Day on May 1, 2009

WHEREAS immigrants workers and their families are an essential and valued component of our Minneapolis community; and

WHEREAS immigrants have been instrumental in the revitalization of Lake Street, Central Avenue, and all of Minneapolis; and

WHEREAS we support the constitutional right of all Minneapolis residents to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances; and

WHEREAS May 1 celebrations have historically commemorated the contributions of workers and immigrant workers in particular in our nation’s struggle to establish a just society; and

WHEREAS it is necessary to establish a secure and welcoming environment, free of undue stress and discrimination in the City of Minneapolis;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Minneapolis:

That the Minneapolis City Council supports the third annual immigrant/workers’ rights May Day march and celebration on Tuesday, May 1, 2009.


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Este anuncio es lo que va a salir en la radio para el 1 de mayo.

Aqui puedes bajar o escuchar el mp3 tambien.

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Small size flyers for leafletting:

May 1 quarter-page flyer – English

1 de mayo – volante pequeno – Espanol

Poster - 1ro de mayo

May 1 poster

Spread the word!

May 1st 2009 – International Workers Day
Minneapolis March and Street Festival

March: 4 pm – Lake Street & 13th Ave
Street Festival: 5-8 pm – Nicollet Ave & 29th Street

(More details on the street festival coming soon!)

United for International Workers Day since 1886

* Stop the Raids & Deportations
* Immediate & Unconditional Legalization for All
* Drivers Licenses for All
* Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Join us!

Small size flyers for leafletting:

May 1 quarter-page flyer – English

1ro de mayo – volante pequeno – Espanol

Help plan and do outreach for May 1st!
May 1st Coalition Meeting: Wednesday, April 22, 6 pm at Waite House, 2529 13th Ave S, Minneapolis.

Initiated by MIRAc and organized by the May 1st Coalition.

Join the MIRAc announcement email list:
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/mn- immrts/

MIRAc website: http://mirac1. wordpress. com
MIRAc facebook group: http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=44134988 988

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Join us at the May 1 coalition meeting to plan the mass march & street festival that will happen in Minneapolis on May 1st, International Workers Day.

We need everyone to come and help with outreach to spread the word far and wide every day until May 1st! There will be many ways you can get involved and help in building up for May 1st and at the May 1st march & street festival.

Get involved – Join us at the next May 1 Coalition meeting

Wednesday, April 22
6 pm
Waite House, 2529 13th Ave S, Minneapolis

Si se puede!

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